Leading through disruption

Professional Development Course for Leaders

It is hard to remember a more difficult time to be a leader. Our government leaders are making life-and-death decisions on a daily basis under intense media scrutiny. Our business leaders are revisiting everything from trusted economic models to workplace culture. Our church leaders are learning on their feet how to pastor during a global pandemic. Meanwhile hardly a week goes by without another revelation of scandal attached to a leader abusing their position of power.

With challenging times facing us right now, and in the near future, the world needs great leaders. Leaders who acknowledge they are human beings facing the same pressures as everyone else, and yet are willing to take on the additional burden of responsibility in a crisis. Leaders who are full of hope but grounded in reality. Leaders who can see the way forward and have the ability to take people with them. Leaders who will ensure they leave no one behind, particularly those who have felt the impact of the pandemic most severely.

This 5 session leadership development course will help you to develop the skills you need to lead your team, your organisation through this time of unprecedented change. With live leadership seminars, targetted reading and an assessed short project this course will help you strengthen your leadership skills for these changing times.

Invest in your development

Five weekly sessions to accelerate your leadership development.


Leading through disruption

  1. Fixing Purpose As Your North Star
    How to find your vocation.

  2. Strategic Decision Making
    Discover the importance of tail wind and finding common ground.

  3. Hospitable Leadership
    Discover why empathy is your leadership super power.

  4. Making Innovation Normal
    How to make adaptation and innovation normal without exhausting an organisation

  5. The Leader as Story Teller and Vision Guardian

Inspiring action through the power of narrative.

The programme is designed for individuals who have leadership aspirations. It is particularly relevant to professionals, technical staff and administrators who have recently taken on formal responsibility for managing others. Given that the emphasis in leadership development is on interpersonal competence rather than detailed technical knowledge, the programme is suitable for participants from organisations of all sizes and irrespective of the industry sector.

Benefits for you

  • Recognise your preferred leadership style and appreciate how to adapt and modify your behaviour in order to lead effectively

  • Demonstrate a heightened awareness of the needs, capabilities and expectations of followers

  • Enhance your capacity for giving and receiving meaningful, honest and authentic feedback

  • Increased awareness of team dynamics and how to leverage diversity in group situations.